During the last 10 years, the research activity has been focused on the development of biochips and immunosensors dedicated to biomedical applications and pesticide detection.


DDS Company provides reliable solutions to medical laboratories by the trade of in vitro diagnosis kits, reagents and devices.


With a presence of over 15 years in the in vitro diagnosis industry, we have the capacity to use this experience to support and optimise processes in the medical laboratories.

We support the activity of your laboratory!

The rapid tests are used by laboratories whatever their workflow is since they provide immediate results, being useful in the screening process as well as in the diagnosis one. These tests provide significant quality results, are easy to use, enhance diagnosis and do not require costly equipment.

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The Company

SC DDS Diagnostic SRL is a Romanian SME founded in 2002. From the beginning, our company focused on the research, design and manufacturing of the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) kits. We have experience in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of the IVD products. The Company’s products are currently used in over 200 medical public or private laboratories and are manufactured according to the Directive 98/79/CE. All the products are EC marked. By our involvement in research-development projects we are able to contribute to the development of new, fast, precise, low cost diagnosis technologies, easy to use by professionals and affordable to patients.

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