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DDS Diagnostic SRL is a Romanian legal entity, with registered office in Bucharest, 1 Segovia Str., Building C8, Entrance 3, Ap. 39, Sector 3, with Trade Registry Number J40/4867/2002, Sole Registration Code RO14688172.


Seller: DDS Diagnostic SRL, a Romanian legal entity, with registered office in Bucharest, 1 Segovia Str., Building C8, Entrance 3, Ap. 39, Sector 3, with Trade Registry Number J40/4867/2002, Sole Registration Code RO14688172.


Buyer: natural / legal person or any other legal entity creating an Account on the Website and placing an Order.


Client: natural / legal person who has or obtains the access to the ACCOUNTENTS,by any means of communications provided by DDS Diagnostic (electronic, telephonic, etc.) or under any user agreement between DDS Diagnostic and such person who needs to create and use an ACCOUNT.


User: any natural person/legal entity registered on the Website, who, by completing the Account creation process, agreed to the specific clauses of the website General Terms and Conditions section.


Account: the Website section consisting in an e-mail address and a password, allowing the Buyer to place the Order and which includes information related to the Client/Buyer and the Buyer’s history on the Website (Orders, invoices, etc.).


Site: the domain  and the subdomains thereof.


Order: an electronic document occurring as a communication tool between the Seller and the Buyer whereby the Buyer transmits to the Seller, through the Website, his/her/their intention to purchase Goods and Services on the Website.


Goods and Services: any product or service, including the documents and services stipulated by the Order, to be supplied by the Seller to the Buyer as a result of the concluded Contract.


Contract: is the contract remotely concluded by the Seller and the Buyer, without the simultaneous physical presence of the Seller and Buyer.

Specifications: all the specifications and/or Good and Service descriptions as stipulated by the descriptions thereof.


Advertising/Campaign: the action to display for commercial purposes, a certain number of Goods and/or Services with a limited and predefined stock, for a definite period established by the Seller.


Document: these Terms and Conditions.


Newsletter: periodic information instrument, exclusively in electronic format and electronic mail (e-mail, SMS) on the Goods and Services and/or on the discounts provided by the Seller within a certain period, with no liability of the Seller in terms of the information therein.


Transaction: collection or reimbursement of an amount resulting from the sale of Good and/or Service by DDS Diagnostic to the Buyer, using the services of the card processer or of the bank agreed by the Seller, irrespective of the form of delivery.



DDS Diagnostic from the legal protection of their copyrights. The website contents is the property of DDS Diagnostic, i.e. the information, texts, images, graphics, symbols, software, scripts, etc. The data on the Website and on the server shall not be used unless upon the written agreement of the owner. The use thereof without the prior agreement of DDS Diagnostic shall be penalised according to the legal provisions in force. The product pictures within the online shop can only be used upon the written agreement of DDS Diagnostic.

The use of the Website for the purpose of destroying or alternating it or the website contents and security or to discredit and harass DDS Diagnostic or the affiliates thereof is strictly forbidden.

DDS Diagnostic shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the Website.

This Contract is governed by the Romanian law. Any potential litigations between DDS Diagnostic SRL and the Clients/Buyers shall be settled amiably or, should this not be possible, litigations shall be settled by the relevant courts of law of Bucharest.

The products, images, information, etc. on the Website are only intended for information, presentation purposes.

Please report any potential breaches of the copyright to e-mail



DDS Diagnostic pays great attention to the protection of information in the processing of your personal sensitive data, therefore, all the data collected during your visits on our Website are processed according to the legal provisions in force in the Website management state, i.e. Romania. The Website may include links to other websites whose contents are not under the control of DDS Diagnostic, therefore DDS Diagnostic undertakes and accepts no liability for the contents of such websites.

DDS Diagnostic shall not disclose any information related to your visits on this Website, excepting any legal circumstances.

DDS Diagnostic guaranty the confidentiality of the Clients’ data. These data, provided upon the creation of the online account, shall be used for the purpose for which they were required (sale of products) and for the promotion of any discount campaigns, events, benefits and innovations of DDS Diagnostic.

DDS Diagnostic recommend you to secure your account log-in data and not to disclose them to anyone. DDS Diagnostic shall not be held liable in case another person is in the possession of your account data and illicitly accesses your account.

DDS Diagnostic shall not be held liable in case your personal sensitive data are altered or stolen by unauthorised persons.

The unauthorised website access to the Users’ contents, pictures and personal data or to the server shall be treated as fraud and investigated by the relevant authorities accordingly.

DDS Diagnostic, the online store and the products cannot be associated with anything that might contradict the status and interests of DDS Diagnostic. can be accessed for personal interests. The website shall not be used for any other purposes and shall not be copied, either in whole or in part.


DDS Diagnostic reserves the right to operate any amendments to the terms and conditions, as well as any amendment to the website with no prior notice to the users.


Placing an Order and Delivery Terms

To be able to place an Order you need to have an account. Press the Registration and fill in the data required by the form making sure the data is accurate. You will receive the confirmation of your account by e-mail. After the activation of your account you can log in to the Website using the name and the password established at the previous step.



In order to place a product into the shopping basket, select the quantity and the packaging method, press Add to Basket, then you will be directed to the Complete Order page.

In the Order completion page you will be able to see the products added to the basket as well as the final cost of the Order. The rates on the Website are exclusive of VAT, this shall be calculated separately, on the Order completion page. The final cost includes the cost of the products and the delivery cost. The delivery cost shall be calculated automatically when introducing the delivery address.



After placing the Order you will receive an e-mail with the corresponding pro-forma. After the payment thereof, please send the payment evidence by e-mail at .

Before the delivery of your Order, you will receive an e-mail for the confirmation of the availability on stock of your ordered product.

The placed Order and the purchased Product represent the Buyer’s acceptance of all the Website using conditions and terms.



The online orders can be placed at any time and any day, however the Order processing programme is Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:00 hours. No Orders shall be processed during the weekend or during bank holidays.

The Ordered Products are sent by fast currier with delivery within 24 – 72 hours from the Order – for the products on stock. Deliveries are made during working days, from Monday to Friday.

Delays may be caused by various circumstances: bank holidays, adverse weather conditions, technical issued independent from the Company’s control, etc.

For the Products that are out of stock, the delivery time shall be communicated by e-mail.

DDS Diagnostic undertakes no liability for the conditions of the Products after their handover to the carrier.

Any notice or claim shall be made in writing within maximum 24 hours as of the receipt of the ordered Products. The notices or claims transmitted otherwise or after the stipulated period, shall not be taken into account.



The Products purchased on our online store shall not be returned (Government Decision No. 34/ 2014 art. 16 and Government Decision No. 130/2000 Chap. II art. 10, as subsequently amended and supplemented).


Product Warranty

Granted according to the legal provisions in force.


Settlement of Litigations

Any potential litigation between DDS Diagnostic SRL and the Clients/Buyers shall be settled amiably or, should this not be possible, by the relevant Romanian courts of law of Bucharest.

The Products, images, information, etc. on the Website are only intended for information, presentation purposes.

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