With over 15 years of activity in the field of in vitro diagnostics we can use the experience gained to support and optimize medical laboratories.

Whether it is training for laboratory staff, assistance in obtaining erroneous results, documentation, analysis of laboratory performance or establishing actions to optimize laboratory activity, we can help.

After purchasing our products, you can count on the technical support provided by the DDS Diagnostic team, which consists of specialists who provide qualified assistance. We constantly participate in professional development courses in order to provide technical and scientific support at the most competitive level because we understand the need for promptness and professionalism.


Personal training
The training includes two stages:

1. The stage of knowing the device

auxiliary connections
daily maintenance

2. The stage of knowing the software
patient scheduling
listing medical bulletins
solving minor problems

Test procedures
-control sera are tested
-patient sera are tested

Technical support
We have a great deal of flexibility in providing technical support, so that the problem can be solved in the shortest time.
Technical support is provided by telephone and in certain situations TeamViewer is used to remedy any problems or ambiguities you encounter in the use of laboratory equipment.
We travel to your lab in 24-48 hours *.
* This deadline may be exceeded in exceptional cases.

Expert advice
The best solutions are provided to remedy the problems and clarify the way of working with the device / software in the shortest time;
We perform electrical safety tests for analyzers.

Specialized courses

Training for the use of in vitro diagnostic kits sold by DDS Diagnostic: The training has both a theoretical and a practical part in which you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with good laboratory practices but also with working methods for electrophoresis, ELISA, CLIA or quick tests.

Technical assistance for the preparation of the documentation requested by RENAR

Quality certificate / values ​​for control sera
Service intervention sheets
Analyzer programming steps
User manual
Technical manual
Instructions for use


IVD kits and reagents are expected to provide accurate results that are reliable and meet the intended purpose. In many countries, national requirements set high standards of quality and safety for in vitro diagnostic medical devices to provide a high level of protection to the health of patients and users.

For IVD market authorizations, it is necessary to validate the critical aspects of certain operations that take place starting with the research-development phase and ending with the production itself.

DDS Diagnostic has the expertise to provide support for the following activities during the development, manufacture and validation of IVD kits. - the performance evaluation plan; - technical report for analytical performance, e.g. analytical sensitivity, specificity, bias, accuracy (repeatability and reproducibility), accuracy, detection limits, measurement range measurement; - technical report for clinical performance, e.g. sensitivity and specificity of the diagnosis, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, probability rate, expected values ​​in normal and affected populations; - Documentation regarding the risk management system; - stability and shelf life; - IVD labeling documentation and instructions for use; - Technical documentation: description and specifications of the device.

If you have a project about IVD kits, for more details and if you want to request an offer, do not hesitate to contact us.


The Service Department was established in 2014 because we know how important it is for you to be able to rely on someone you trust when you want the laboratory equipment to work optimally and efficiently. The service is provided for the SAIO automatic electrophoresis system and for automatic or semi-automatic ELISA and CLIA systems.

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