DDS Diagnostic 

Devoted to people’s health.

DDS Diagnostic is a rapidly expanding, innovative primary diagnostics manufacturer, specialised in the development, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of IVD Medical Diagnostic and Point of Care Tests for a global market.

• Dedicated to researching cutting-edge solutions in the field of in vitro Diagnostic Rapid Tests and Molecular Biology and nanobiotechnology. Since 2002.
• Changing lives through leading Diagnostic Applications and solutions, and reshaping the future through innovative outcomes for Molecular Biology and nanobiotechnology.

• Bringing quality and high standards to the world of immunoassay & Rapid Test, we are reshaping reality by developing and manufacturing cutting-edge clinical diagnostic products.

We work closely with our partners and distributors to build an efficient, mutually productive and trustworthy relationship. Our products are currently used in over 300 medical public or private laboratories and are manufactured according to the Directive 98/79/CE. All the products are CE marked, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Our Research and Development Team has worked hard for the last 20 years to deliver efficient and innovative fast-responsive tests that offer accurate results every time. Highly Reliable and Affordable Kits. Competitive Price. High Quality. For Customers Over The World.

PhD Dana Stan, Head of Research Department, Founder of DDS Diagnostic

Leading-edge Experience in Molecular Biology, Nanobiotechnology and Diagnostic Solutions.

As a market leader, DDS Diagnostic focuses on international expansion by establishing long-term partnerships with reliable and trusted distributors worldwide. Continually expanding its impressive range of products, DDS Diagnostic is today one of the most important, reliable and trustworthy rapid test manufacturers in Romania.


During the years of its development, DDS Diagnostic has gained unparalleled research experience, ranging from initial antibody screening to the development of innovative concepts and techniques of molecular biology and engineering goals, enabling us to mimic biological structures with molecular precision.


Our research team, led by one of the company’s founders, Ms. Dana Stan, who holds a PhD in chemistry, has steadily evolved into a highly efficient molecular biology and nanomedicine research group, collaborating with top research institutes and universities to explore biological processes at the highest level, focusing on understanding how proteins and molecular interactions work. 


We create new fundamental knowledge and introduce modern methods in the field of life sciences. We develop applications to solve current problems in the biotechnology and diagnostics industries, particularly in the development of innovative solutions for molecular biology and nanobiotechnology, and in the role of nanotechnology in development and Molecular Diagnostic.

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